Adult Custom Football Shorts

Our football kit designer gives you complete creative control to create unique football shorts that complement your custom shirt and socks for your football kit next season. Pick the design template you would like to work from, add your team colours, Roadsunshisne sponsor artwork, and any other important design elements you would like to feature. There are no hidden costs and if you have any problems and would like to speak to our in-house designer, please reach out and we will be happy to make a design for you.

SWAZ custom football shorts are made with sport-performing material, designed to offer comfort and confidence to players on the field of play. Whether it be a hot summer-friendly or stormy mid-week wintery cup game, SWAZ products are created to be adaptable for all elements.

We use a process called sublimation only at SWAZ when producing football kits, a method of printing a design into the fabric using ink and heat. This gives our custom-made football shorts a rubbed yet robust finish, meaning they look great and last multiple tough periods without losing colour, fit and shape.

The other good thing about sublimation printing is that the design elements all form area of the kit, the logos, names, numbers, and sponsor artwork, with nothing stuck externally onto the material. Our football kits stand the test of time and never reduce, mix, or lose their shape.

If you have any questions or would like us to provide a custom football kit design for you, then please reach out and enquire and we’d be happy to help. Otherwise, click on your choice of football sock template and stay taken right through to our football kit designer, where you can personalise and tailor-make your design. With multiple colours, branding, and design elements to choose from, you can create the perfect style for you.

Recycled polyester (rPET for short) is a fabric that’s made out of man-made fibers. Recycled polyester is produced by recycle existing materials (like plastic bottles and packaging) but still has all the characteristics and performance as a regular polyester, making it a more sustainable fabric alternative.

How’s recycled polyester made?

Recycled polyester is made by crushing plastic products into small pieces. These small pieces are then processed into yarn, transformed into a fiber, and in the end—made into a fabric.

What are the advantages of recycled polyester?

Producing rPet takes 33% to 53% less energy than creating polyester from scratch. Also, rPet produces approximately 54. 6% fewer CO2 emissions to the air than virgin polyester.

By using recycled materials to make things like the All-Over Print Men’s Recycled Particular sports Shorts, at least some of the plastic waste produced doesn’t land in landfills.

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